What Each Ivy League College is Best Known For!

princeton_Ivy League EssayEach university has its own niche.  It’s own “brand” per se.  What it’s best known for in terms of reputation.  The following list is a very brief (but true) compilation detailing each Ivy League school and what specific programs or majors it is best known for around the world.

First of all allow me to add though, that all of the schools mentioned here are excellent and truly do offer a broad and wide-reaching liberal arts education that will leave you extremely well-educated and respected around the globe, but it is correct that some schools are known for certain specialities more than others.

1. Yale is known for turning out dramatists, poets, and CIA officers (government and international relations).
2. Harvard is Harvard (also strong in government, engineering, philosophy, languages)
3. Princeton is known for mathematics and physics (Einstein used to teach there).
4. Brown is known for its creativity and artist types (including poets, writers and playwrights)
5. UPenn is known for its proximity to the Wharton school and hence, business and finance
6. Cornell is known as one of the easier Ivy Leagues to get into and has a strong business/hospitality school link via its grad program.
7. Columbia is known for literature, religion, psychology, languages and its proximity to Wall Street.
8. Dartmouth is known for liberal arts majors, as well as those wanting to get into the Tuck school of business post-graduation.
Furthermore, you have what I call “Ivy-like” schools, in terms of their level of difficulty and competition in terms of getting in, and this includes schools like MIT (obviously known for science, math and engineering), Stanford (look up it’s proximity to Silicon Valley and it’s niche for business), Duke and Johns Hopkins (both famous for their medical school and thereby pre-med programs).

So, that’s just a sample list that tells you where you might want to target if you’re looking at the Ivy League.

The following is also a good article about how to get in to the most competitive schools, and if you need to know your major before applying (i.e. it helps).  If you want to take a look, then also read: Do You Need to Know Your Major When Applying to College?

Good luck and I hope that helps!

[I’m a former Harvard admissions interviewer and a Harvard graduate and currently run the Ivy League college admissions firm:http://www.IvyLeagueEssay.com  Feel free to contact me today and let me help you get into the school of your dreams! IvyLeagueEssayInfo@gmail.com ]


10 thoughts on “What Each Ivy League College is Best Known For!

  1. Cornell also has the best engineering program out of all the Ivies. Don’t see how you could forget to mention that.


    1. And in architecture and veterinary medicine too…Also has a pretty good agriculture/life sciences school lol this is clearly bias…


  2. I am planning to go to an IY league school and I am planning on doing a double major in Mathematics and Economics while minoring in Philosophy before getting a law degree. Which college do you think would be best suited for the first degree before the law degree?


    1. That would depend on a lot of things, like your GPA, test scores, etc. Assuming you are qualified though for the Ivy League (or Ivy League equivalent like MIT, or Stanford, for example) Princeton is the top school right now for the subjects you mentioned, though any of the Ivies would give you an excellent education in those arenas.


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